We make pottery with the simple goal of adding beauty and enjoyment to life.

Our functional designs include mugs for hot coffee and tea, bowls for soup and salads and ice cream, serving platters for parties and holidays, baking dishes for dinners and potlucks, vases for fresh flowers, and teapots for tea.
You can purchase our pottery here on our website, through one of our galleries, at a show, or direct from our studio showroom in Vermont!

We often make dinnerware and dishes to order. Becca also loves setting up wedding and gift registries for people.

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Wedding Registries
We recently finished building ourselves a two chamber wood fired kiln under a large pole barn. (It only took us three years! :) Firings last 3-4 days, are fueled by scrap slabs from local mills, and hold over 700 pieces of pottery.

You can follow along with efforts on our blog, or see a start-to-finish album of our kiln building photos on our Facebook page!

Visit our kiln and showroom Memorial Day and Columbus Day Weekends during the Vermont Studio Tour, or call us for additional open hours!
Nathan's pots speak of tradition and experimentation; Becca's pots have soft edges and organic wavy elements .

Our collaborations are somewhere in between!! They are all fun to use (and we think food tastes better in handmade dishes).
"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it, because what this world needs is more people who have come alive."

-Howard Thurman
  • Becca throwing a vase
  • our showroom
  • Bottle
  • first kiln firing
  • Basket Bowl
  • Slightly Square Snack Plate for Janet and Freddie
  • our kiln barn
  • wood-fired place setting
  • bud vase
  • summer picnic anyone?
  • pottery awaiting firing
  • peeking at the kiln
  • Becca putting stones in a bowl rim
  • The Flower Bowl
  • new tumblers waiting for the kiln!
  • handmade pottery mason jar
  • Nathan works with a slip resist technique
  • pitcher
  • Nathan's flower tumblers
  • Wide Fruit Bowl
  • inside our new gallery at the farm
  • mugs drying in the studio
  • woodfired soup bowls
  • Butter Keeper
  • Dessert Bowl for Janet and Freddie