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two potters photo tour

It was a really special summer for us.  Both for our young family, and for our business. (We thank you wholeheartedly for that!)  But honestly, where did it go?!  Life seems to have only sped up as we do the juggling act of work-at-home + stay-at-home potting + parenting – I often think about that […]

pottery in progress

We’re pretty excited about what’s happening in our new studio these days.  Not only is it simply a gorgeous place to be, but it’s been quite a while since we had some regular creative time with clay, and we had both forgotten how HAPPY it makes us . . . Our new studio got its […]

moving in to our studio

A couple of weeks ago, when the last spot of paint dried inside the studio we’d been building for the past seven months, Nathan and I decided to do something slightly uncharacteristic: we asked for some help. We kindly asked our friends to lend a hand moving our ‘studio stuff’ (stored for over 2 years […]

studio building – almost there

We. Are. So. Close!  The last few weeks of work on the studio have been huge and exciting.  Nathan and I have adjusted to a “new way” – one where we actually hire out some big parts of the process. For the last three years, we’ve literally place every brick and nailed every piece of […]

studio building : siding is done*

*And by “done”, we mean “mostly finished for now.”  :)  The bulk of the ship lap hanging is behind us anyway . . . once the doors go in, we’ll patch around them and call it truly good and finished. A break in the bitter cold weather allowed us to get back outside to work […]

bitter cold and the thing we said we’d never do

This was supposed to be a post about how we’d finished the siding on our new studio.  Instead, it’s a post about something altogether different, something we swore on multiple occasions that we would never do: we made a studio in our house. {very chilly building & very frozen eyelashes} A prolonged and bitter cold […]

siding in the snow

Winter really is a lovely time to be outside.  The skies are gorgeous, the air crisp, the world a little more quiet.  We’ve had quite a bit of new snow here lately, and the temperatures dipped way down below zero and then way back up above freezing.  We’ve worked through most everything, wearing puffy down […]

studio building : framing and roofing

Last week was a cold, but very sunny stretch here.  We were able to make big progress, nearly completing the diagonal framing, including these beautiful gable ends.  (Sort of reminds us of the windows at the Stone Mountain Arts Center!) This past week also brought the installation of our first windows!!  We can’t get over […]

with gratitude

Yesterday, we had what could only be called a very last minute open house. We sent emails, and posted on Facebook, and we thought we might get a couple of visitors to see the new studio building. In a few short hours, however, we were overwhelmed and delighted by the incredible turn out. People came […]

studio building : ten days in

It’s really quite hard to believe we’re only ten days into building.  (With wood, that is!)  It is amazing what can be accomplished when you combine time, drive, passion, skill, experience, determination – and the threat of impending winter! This past week brought many productive days, during which we put the purlins onto the rafters, […]