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new work at the Fair

We’re really looking forward to bringing our brand-new wood-fired work to “the Fair“, our biggest show of the year.  Join us at Mt. Sunapee Resort in Newbury, NH, August 1st – 9th, for the 82nd Annual League of NH Craftsmen’s Fair.  It’s a fantastic – and big! – show, so look for Two Potters in […]

these things we make

We were so happy with our last wood-firing.  I’m not sure we’ve yet shared the results, in photo form, in this space.  Here are some of our favorites . . .     ~Becca    

our first fall firing

It was honestly a bit of a scramble to decide in late August that we should try to turn over a firing in a mere eight weeks.  I am happy (and, yes, a bit tired) to report that we totally. did. it. This was by far the smallest window of time we’d given ourselves to […]

visiting our studio

{This post features photos from one of our past Open Studio events – join us for the next one listed here} We had a wonderful weekend for the Vermont Open Studio Tour.  Thank you to all who turned out to see our latest firing and enjoy some great live music (thank you Matt, Adam, and […]

third firing : the results

Just a quick note here to say that our third firing was a success!  Of course, there are always hard lessons learned in wood-firing (more on that later) but overall, we were very pleased with the pottery.  Here are a few snapshots from the unloading. {when you’re ninety years young, you deserve the first peek […]

coming up for air : third firing done!

The last few weeks here have been very full indeed.  While the kiln is slowly cooling, we finally have some time to tell you about it! Since moving in to our new studio in early May, we’ve had about eight weeks to fill the two large chambers (about 350 cubic feet) that make up our […]

in our shop

In the midst of our three-week push to get our kiln fired for a second time (!), we found a few moments to post some brand-new pottery in our online shop. (The photos below link directly to the individual listings.)

Thank you to all who have placed orders already, and redeemed kiln shares!  We hope you love your piece of our first firing.  It feels pretty special to share it!

handmade pottery

new pots

first firing: mugs, cups, and more

A few of our favorite mugs, cups, and more from our first firing!

first firing: baskets, bowls and bottles

Our favorite wood-and-soda-fired baskets, bowls, and bottles from our very first firing of our new wood kiln. Next up: mugs, cups, and lidded things! ~Nathan and Becca