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two potters photo tour

It was a really special summer for us.  Both for our young family, and for our business. (We thank you wholeheartedly for that!)  But honestly, where did it go?!  Life seems to have only sped up as we do the juggling act of work-at-home + stay-at-home potting + parenting – I often think about that […]

in the mornings

Recently, I’ve fallen in love with early mornings again. When I was living in New Hampshire, and firing twice a year at my friend Jody’s wood kiln in Maine, my preferred shift started at 4 am.  It meant an early bedtime, and a groggy start, but I was so fond of tending that fire while […]

this new year

It’s 2014, and life could not have changed more since 2013. Since Zoe joined us, the part of my brain that finds space to write reflectively about our lives as potters seems to have been swallowed by the all-consuming duties of motherhood. So be it.  We wouldn’t trade parenthood for all the studio time in […]

expect the unexpected

We’re just seven weeks into our new adventure – the one in parenting. :)  And if we’ve learned anything at this point, it’s that we should get rid of our expectations.  (Especially the ones about sleep! In truth, though things are improving in that department.  Thank goodness.) Among the expectations we tried not to have […]

pottery in progress

We’re pretty excited about what’s happening in our new studio these days.  Not only is it simply a gorgeous place to be, but it’s been quite a while since we had some regular creative time with clay, and we had both forgotten how HAPPY it makes us . . . Our new studio got its […]

touring our studio

Last weekend, we hosted visitors for the Vermont Open Studio tour.  In the days leading up to the Tour, the forecast worsened to include heavy rain, high winds, and cold temperatures, and we subsequently tempered our hopes for a strong turnout. Were we ever surprised when, despite the rain (and snow!) that fell, nearly 100 […]

at work in our new studio

We are at work in our new studio: making pottery, being potters.  Our wood kiln is just a short walk across the yard. It sounds so simple.  And it is, beautifully simple- at last. Yet it’s taken us four years to get to this point.  Four years of hard physical labor, four years of juggling […]

moving in to our studio

A couple of weeks ago, when the last spot of paint dried inside the studio we’d been building for the past seven months, Nathan and I decided to do something slightly uncharacteristic: we asked for some help. We kindly asked our friends to lend a hand moving our ‘studio stuff’ (stored for over 2 years […]

studio building – almost there

We. Are. So. Close!  The last few weeks of work on the studio have been huge and exciting.  Nathan and I have adjusted to a “new way” – one where we actually hire out some big parts of the process. For the last three years, we’ve literally place every brick and nailed every piece of […]

studio building – little things and big things

We are in total studio building immersion these days.  Despite the tiniest indications of spring, the weather in Vermont has continued to be wintery and cold, adding to the sense that we are in some kind of crazy time-warp where we are always building and it is always winter. We’ve gotten a lot done, though! […]