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our Etsy feature

You guys. We were recently featured on Etsy’s blog. And we are pretty excited about it.  It’s full of great photos and day-in-the-life type stuff.  I love reading these about other makers – hard to believe it’s us this time! Check it out here. photo for Etsy by Ben DeFlorio

change of plans

If you’ve been following along here, you may have noticed that we had a little (OK, big) change of plans for our Summer.  The trailer that we take to shows is growing grass around it . . . I must say, it seems a little counter-intuitive to announce the events that we’re NOT doing, but […]

in the New York Times . . .

We spied a Two Potters spoon rest in the NY Times recently . . . . . . this photo was styled and taken by the talented Rikki Snyder, and featured in this mouth-watering recipe.

two potters in print

You can read our recent piece in Edible Green Mountains winter issue here.


(You may have noticed we’ve been a little absent here.  Because, well, toddlers + home renovation + running a business. No matter. We have missed you, and where better to start than the present? :) )   Lately, we have been . . . Making . . . yes, pottery! It might sound obvious, and […]

two potters photo tour

It was a really special summer for us.  Both for our young family, and for our business. (We thank you wholeheartedly for that!)  But honestly, where did it go?!  Life seems to have only sped up as we do the juggling act of work-at-home + stay-at-home potting + parenting – I often think about that […]

in the mornings

Recently, I’ve fallen in love with early mornings again. When I was living in New Hampshire, and firing twice a year at my friend Jody’s wood kiln in Maine, my preferred shift started at 4 am.  It meant an early bedtime, and a groggy start, but I was so fond of tending that fire while […]

this new year

It’s 2014, and life could not have changed more since 2013. Since Zoe joined us, the part of my brain that finds space to write reflectively about our lives as potters seems to have been swallowed by the all-consuming duties of motherhood. So be it.  We wouldn’t trade parenthood for all the studio time in […]

expect the unexpected

We’re just seven weeks into our new adventure – the one in parenting. :)  And if we’ve learned anything at this point, it’s that we should get rid of our expectations.  (Especially the ones about sleep! In truth, though things are improving in that department.  Thank goodness.) Among the expectations we tried not to have […]

meet baby Z

Something pretty wonderful happened in our world this fall . . . we had a baby. Meet Baby Z. She was born the first of October.  It is safe to say she is the light of our lives. We’ll get back to pottery-related things . . . at some point. :) For now, we’re just […]