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our Etsy feature

You guys. We were recently featured on Etsy’s blog. And we are pretty excited about it.  It’s full of great photos and day-in-the-life type stuff.  I love reading these about other makers – hard to believe it’s us this time! Check it out here. photo for Etsy by Ben DeFlorio

new work at the Fair

We’re really looking forward to bringing our brand-new wood-fired work to “the Fair“, our biggest show of the year.  Join us at Mt. Sunapee Resort in Newbury, NH, August 1st – 9th, for the 82nd Annual League of NH Craftsmen’s Fair.  It’s a fantastic – and big! – show, so look for Two Potters in […]

two potters photo tour

It was a really special summer for us.  Both for our young family, and for our business. (We thank you wholeheartedly for that!)  But honestly, where did it go?!  Life seems to have only sped up as we do the juggling act of work-at-home + stay-at-home potting + parenting – I often think about that […]

visiting our studio

{This post features photos from one of our past Open Studio events – join us for the next one listed here} We had a wonderful weekend for the Vermont Open Studio Tour.  Thank you to all who turned out to see our latest firing and enjoy some great live music (thank you Matt, Adam, and […]

coming up for air : third firing done!

The last few weeks here have been very full indeed.  While the kiln is slowly cooling, we finally have some time to tell you about it! Since moving in to our new studio in early May, we’ve had about eight weeks to fill the two large chambers (about 350 cubic feet) that make up our […]

at work in our new studio

We are at work in our new studio: making pottery, being potters.  Our wood kiln is just a short walk across the yard. It sounds so simple.  And it is, beautifully simple- at last. Yet it’s taken us four years to get to this point.  Four years of hard physical labor, four years of juggling […]

a new year, a new chapter

I remember hearing of a friend’s resolution on the first day of 2012 to “stop talking about doing things, and actually do things.”  That struck a chord with me.  Not that I’m one to sit around for extended periods, but there were some major things I really wanted to do this year.  I really didn’t […]

“late on wedding presents, can you help?!”

Allow me to preface this post by saying that Nathan and I make a real effort to keep our blog and Facebook page from being too sales-oriented. (Which is actually kind of funny, when you think about it, because we only get to be potters because people buy pottery.) But we really don’t want to be too in-your-face about selling or buying. We do, however, try to tell our story in an honest and open way, which is why I wanted to highlight this little exchange.
. . .

first firing

Two years, eleven months, and sixteen days after breaking ground on our two-chamber climbing kiln, we lit the first fire.  Stacked with over 700 pieces of mostly raw and unfired pottery on 121 kiln shelves, we were ready to see how our creation actually worked! The first couple of days of the firing were fairly […]

before & after

I’m a big fan of ‘before & after’ photos.  It’s just that more often than not, I seem to get to the completed stage and realize that I never took a ‘before’ shot.  Well, when a project takes 2 or 3 years, it’s a little easier to ensure those photos get taken, and in the […]